Financial Experts Try to Make Heads or Tails of the Election’s Tax Implications

SAN ANTONIO BUSINESS JOURNAL – As the November election approaches, accountants and money managers are fielding calls from clients — especially high earners — seeking advice in anticipation of possible tax changes.

Todd Brockwell, president of Monticello Wealth Management, a subsidiary of Jefferson Bank, encourages high-earning clients to hold annual meetings with their CPAs, trust and estate lawyers, and financial planners to be prepared not only for tax surprises, but also for unexpected family events.

“So if we do have a tax event, if we do have a family death, if we do have a marriage — you know, there’s lots of things that go into play — if we can do our work upfront and stay on top of it on a regular basis, then we’ll be prepared for anything like this,” Brockwell said.

When it comes to long-term investment portfolios, money managers are cautious when making changes based on short-term events or assumptions. Read More.

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