Philanthropic Strategies For Your Money & Legacy

A legacy that defines and preserves your family’s values. Generations of experience working with some of the most respected families in South Texas has shown the importance they place on leaving a legacy of not just wealth, but also family values and charitable interests. Our highly-personalized approach helps us identify and articulate those values and interests through well-crafted philanthropic strategies that secure your family’s legacy and will be recognized and respected in the community by future generations.


Charitable Giving Strategy

We design a strategy specifically for your family that identifies and creates the most appropriate framework for your philanthropic activities. This may involve direct gifts, a private foundation, or a donor-advised fund.

Donor-Advised Fund

A potent and personal approach to philanthropy, with this strategy, we advise you on a wide range of activities, including recommending grants, creating gift agreements, and following up with targeted charitable organizations.