Whitney Pigg, Betsy Baker, Miles Fuquay, Bryan Hutto, A.J. “Jack” Lewis III, Steve C. Lewis, Paul E. McSween III, Todd Brockwell, Dan Slattery, Chris Kardys, Reagan Winslow, Erik Ahlenius

Part of the HISTORIC Jefferson Bank Legacy.

1900 Wealth is wholly owned by Jefferson Bank. Since 1946, Jefferson Bank has operated with the attitude and principles of a Texas family business – because that’s exactly what it is. Jefferson Bank has been a strong part of the South Texas banking community for more than 75 years. It remains independent, locally-owned and ideally structured for convenient, personalized service. Today, the third-generation leadership is represented by A.J. “Jack” Lewis III, Steve C. Lewis, and Paul E. McSween III.

What’s personal to you is personal to us.

The 1900 Wealth team is comprised of seasoned, highly experienced specialists with decades of combined experience in financial planning. Led by Todd Brockwell, we are successful in preserving and growing wealth because of our level and breadth of knowledge, our passion for our work, and our desire to deliver maximum results.

At 1900 Wealth, we understand the challenges individuals and families face and we will work tirelessly to help ensure your successful financial future. We pledge to:

  • Deliver independent advice based on a personal relationship with you
  • Be committed advocates for you and responsible stewards of your wealth, assets, and resources
  • Operate with uncompromising objectivity, transparency, respect, competency, honesty, and integrity
  • Utilize state-of-the-art financial services technologies and best practices of the financial industry
  • Draw on Jefferson Bank’s broad, deep knowledge of the financial services industry and keen understanding of your circumstances to create an individualized plan

Say hello to your personal chief investment officer.

Wealth management is a dynamic, fluid, and sometimes volatile endeavor. As your wealth increases, new issues and opportunities arise that change the landscape, making it even more important to have a trusted advisor to guide you.

Our 1900 Wealth management team will work closely with you to understand your financial goals and design custom solutions to address your increasingly complex needs. The result: a long-term wealth management strategy that will help you achieve sustainable value and a significant financial legacy.

Relationships are the foundation of our business.

Our financial team has superior knowledge of financial markets and strategies, but it’s our strong relationships with our clients that set us apart from our competitors. We are by your side, day-in and day-out.

Building a relationship starts with listening – getting to know you, understanding your values, perspective on life, and life goals. We also look at the major factors of your financial profile – your lifetime horizon, income and liquidity needs, as well as your ability and willingness to take risks. Together, we create your definition of success and translate it into a comprehensive plan.

Our mission is to be the best possible advisor for you. Our approach is integrated, strategic and empowering for you, at every stage of your personal and professional life. We strive daily to earn your trust, by operating with uncompromising objectivity, respect, competency, honesty and integrity.