Mineral rights have provided wealth and income to generations of Texas families. Managing these complex income streams requires specialized knowledge and a unique understanding of the oil and gas industry. We can assist your family in managing every type of oil, gas, and mineral interest, from non-producing mineral rights to aging oil field recovery efforts. We will help to add value at every point along the life cycle of these income-producing assets, and protect your family’s legacy.

  • Negotiate contracts and leases
  • Process royalty and rental income, and ensure accuracy of payments
  • Enforce surface and mineral lease provisions
  • Oversee property tax payments
  • Evaluate and monitor drilling participation
  • Promote leasing and development of mineral interests
  • Provide annual income and expense reporting for preparing tax returns
  • Conduct inspections and reviews
  • Coordinate with your legal and tax advisors to analyze income and tax liabilities
  • Evaluate the asset’s function in your overall wealth plan
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